My name is David Goode and as part of Westate Finance I provide financial services at no cost to you with access to hundreds of products from a range of different lenders. (govt, lender fees/costs may apply).


I compare the products available from our panel of lenders to find a loan that suits your needs. This process ensures you have taken the choice to consider all options before making your final decision.


I have published this website with the aim of helping existing clients, new clients and also many people I know with information relating to financial products and particularly about loans that they require.

Location is no barrier


I am a licensed finance broker located in Perth, Western Australia however I have contacts all over the place and therefore am not restricted by suburb location. In fact I can probably help you with your loan requirements regardless of where you are situated.  It’s quite amazing really that in this day so much business can be completed via email, skype, fax etc. Distance is no longer a barrier. 


How I assist my clients


What I do is simple. I assist people by providing them with information regarding a number of loan products from various lenders, including both large financial giants and smaller boutique organisations, all at a time and place that suits the client.  In particular I am focussed on providing an excellent standard of service so that you the customer gets the service you deserve.

My background includes 26 years of experience working for a bank in Western Australia. I have been assisting people with their financial needs, including personal loans, home loans, business loans and business asset finance (i.e. HP, leasing and chattel mortgages) since 1983.


What makes me your perfect choice?


Many people talk about quality of service only to be put “on hold” or advised they will call you back only to find out that they don’t do what they said they would do. My concept is simply about promising and delivering on time or quicker. If I cannot help you then I will say so and allow you to move on or perhaps come back when you are in a better position.


I have constructed this website around the concept of what I believe people are seeking when they are considering purchasing an asset. In addition to my role as a Mortgage and Finance Broker, I also assist people with Business Plan preparations, a notion which I am sure adds significant value to my service offering. I sincerely hope you enjoy everything this website has to offer, and of-course if you ever have any queries, please do contact me


David Goode 

0421 415 558

08 9452 3352