Business Plans

A business plan is essential when applying for bank loans or a lease on business premises. The following information will assist you through the process of researching and preparing a business plan.


Always seek sound professional advice (legal, accounting and commercial) before making important  business decisions.

What is a business plan?


A business plan is simply the strategy to achieve the objectives of the proprietors of the business.  A business plan prepared for a bank or investors will need to include evidence of the market potential supporting the projected sales of the business. A business plan should take the form of a detailed written document. It clearly sets out all the important facts about the business, its history, the current position the objectives and the business activities to be taken.


The importance of a business plan


Why do a plan you might ask?  Well the answer is easy really.  We plan so that we have a clear direction of how and what we need to do in order to achieve results.  It’s simply a blueprint of our ideas of how we will manage our business and grow.  


I have been writing business plans for many years and have always enjoyed the idea of assisting a client in developing and growing their business especially when they simply needed some help in writing the plan. By using a structured process I can quite quickly write a plan that meets the clients needs or the future investors needs and for that matter the banks needs should you need to convince them that your idea needs backing.


All you need to do is contact me and we can discuss the matter.  Plans I have written include the following industries;


Beauty and Day Spa

Security firm

Tourist holiday village

Finance Industry

Book distribution business

Manufacturing business new product 


Note : Fees for business plans are charged separately and are independent of finance broking. I provide quotes up front for this service.