Business Finance

Loans for Business and Commercial Purposes


I have been assisting clients in obtaining business/commerical loans for many years. Part of my role is to assist clients in understanding what types of finance are available to them and to also explain how to best structure a loan to suit their needs.

Banks look at risks that apply to a particular industry and what mitigants there may be.  I will assist my clients in understanding these issues and then try and negotiate the outcome that suits both parties.


I then put together a submission to the lender which is designed to fully explain the transaction and hopefully obtain a successful result which please the client.  This is my total focus.


I may also help in Commercial Asset Finance. I may assist you with all your finance needs, namely;


•   Finance Lease

•   Hire Purchase

•   Chattel Mortgage

•   Operating Lease (Rental)

•   Mining Equipment

•   Business & Franchise

•   Purchases & expansions


You may wish to see our page on finance for those that are self employed. I also assist with property development, long term loans and debtor financing.  In fact whatever you need I can arrange.  Send me an email or give me a call.